Treatment Methods

Bio-Energetic Regulation

Even though they may not realize it, most people today are conscious of the concept of electro-magnetic fields and how they impinge on our health and wellbeing. For example, through the press and media we have been informed of the health hazards of over-head pylons and the over use of mobile phones. Every object, whether animate or inanimate has a unique electro-magnetic energy field which interacts with other electro-magnetic energy fields either favourably, neutrally or antagonistically. It is for this reason that foods, medicines, perfumes, jewellery - even people - or other types of matter which the body absorbs, carries or is near to, can have an adverse effect on physical or emotional wellbeing.

Drawing on traditional Chinese wisdom and combining this with modern technologies and knowledge such as quantum mechanics problem areas in an energy field can be located and treatments checked for compatibility and effectiveness. Dietary substances can be analysed and energetically dead foodstuffs identified.

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Although there are various methods of allergy testing available, few therapists are able to offer treatment other than total avoidance. This is fine if the offending substance is easily identifiable such as milk, cheese or wheat. If however, the suspected allergen is airborne - for example, house dust mites, car exhaust fumes, pollen or formaldehyde, - total avoidance is not an option.

Muscle testing is used for the detection of allergy. It is a favoured method as the patient can become involved in the process. It is painless, completely safe and results are immediate.

A well established method of allergy treatment is desensitisation. The remedies used are prepared by homeopathic pharmaceutical techniques and can be taken safely and effectively by children as well as adults. They are totally unrelated and dissimilar to the desensitisation injections which are usually given at conventional medical clinics.

It should be noted that while a high level of stress can trigger an allergy there is likely to be also an inherited predisposition.


Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic oils extracted from plants to alleviate physical and psychological disorders, usually through massage or inhalation. Whilst effective for a variety of problems it is most useful when used to treat emotional or stress related conditions.

Bio-Sonic Therapeutics

Everything - animal, vegetable and mineral - has its own unique vibration which gives it form. When the vibration is altered so is the form. It is this vibratory change which is the cause of disharmony/dis-ease within the body and which leads to the development of illness. Based on the principle of resonance, bio-sonic therapeutic methods are designed to enable the body to accelerate its own healing processes. Sound-waves within the audible range can be used to stimulate natural regulatory and immunological systems and to produce an optimum metabolic state.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Traumas and negative emotions such as anger, resentment, bitterness, grief and guilt, if held in the body long enough can cause physical symptoms and lead to disease. Using this technique which we can think of as needle-free emotional acupuncture, it is possible for intense emotional issues to fade and for physical conditions to subside even to the point of complete healing.


Hypnotherapy is the treatment of physical and emotional problems by the use of hypnosis. This is an artificially induced altered state of conscious awareness in which patient or client can respond to questions and is susceptible to suggestion. The patient or client remains in control throughout and will only integrate those suggestions that are useful and beneficial.


Kinesiology is a system of muscle testing that reveals and corrects imbalances and identifies nutritional requirements and food sensitivities.


Phytotherapy is a healing therapy based on the use of the therapeutic potential of plants and flowers to treat physical and emotional conditions.


Reflexology is a form of massage in which pressure is applied to parts of the feet and hands in order to promote relaxation and healing elsewhere in the body.


The face is our primary organ of emotional expression and it is possible to be carrying the effects of stress and strain on the face without realising it. Initially, lack-lustre skin can be camouflaged by make-up but over time the skin becomes drawn and tight, aging sets in and lines begin to form. Rejuvanessence is a holistic form of facial rejuvenation very different from the more commonly known beauty types of treatment. It works to reverse the effects of stress and aging by working on acupuncture points and meridians and by freeing the muscles and connective tissue which lie below the visible skin. At each treatment different layers of muscles are worked on, lines and wrinkles begin to diminish and the skin tone is firmed and improved. The result is a more relaxed and youthful appearance. Apart from the physical benefits rejuvanessence has a positive effect on the emotions.


Trichology is the study and treatment of hair and its diseases. It should be noted that hair thinning and certain types of hair loss can be stress induced.

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